• Laser Cutting & Bending
    High-Speed Laser Cutting & Bending

    State-of-the-art lasers enable us to quickly cut thicker, more intricate parts more accurately and with superior edge quality. The lasers are loaded and unloaded using an automatic sheet handling system, which results in more laser uptime. A CNC Press Brake accompanies this laser cell to finish parts to their final shape.

    Automatic Load/Unload Cell

    Table Size: 60” x 120” auto sheet load
    Auto sheet load
    4000 watt flying optics
    1/2º taper per 1” thickness
    .002” tolerance precision repeatable to .004’’ per foot

    Press Brake

    Maximum capacity: 125 Metric Tons (138 US Tons)
    Maximum table length: 3.0 Meters (114.8 inches)

    CAD Interfacing (drawing file formats)

    CAD Interfacing (Drawing file formats: .prt, .dwg, .dxf, Amada Dos files, Solid Edge Flat Files, Solid Works
    Files, Omax Routed Data)
  • Plasma Cutting
    High Definition Plasma Cutting

    Rotating bevel head capable of beveling +45 degree ­45 degree with a torch rotation of +/­460 degree
    Capable of cutting 1 ½” Carbon Steel, 1 ¼” Stainless Steel, 1” Aluminum Maximum
    Cutting width of 12’­ 4”
    Maximum cutting length of 97’­ 0”
  • Plasma/Oxy Cutting
    High Definition Plasma/Oxy Cutting

    Two Plasma Torches

    Capable of cutting 1 ½” Carbon Steel, 1 ¼” Stainless Steel, 1” Aluminum
    Dual Plasma Torch Heads

    Oxy/Acetylene Torch (1)

    Maximum cutting thickness of 5”
    Maximum cutting width of 10’­ 8”
    Maximum cutting length of 42’­ 6”
    Bevel cut capability
  • Band Saw Cutting
    Band Saw Cutting

    Horizontal Band Saws
    40 ft maximum length
    16" maximum diameter
    Bundle cut capability
    All materials